Touchstream Debuts Advanced Monitoring Platform at NAB

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Brenton Ough

April 17, 2020

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Touchstream Debuts Advanced Monitoring Platform at NAB

Demos Available in Telstra’s Partner Pavilion Booth SU6105

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – April 24, 2017 – Touchstream, which identifies video streaming glitches before they become issues for end consumers, will use NAB to debut its all new, cloud-based monitoring and management system for dynamic live video streams. This is an ideal monitoring system for all sports streaming and 24/7 linear streaming.

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Video delivery of live events frequently fails to meet QoS/QoE standards. These failures can have a significant impact on the streaming service’s bottom line. Industry statistics show at least a third of live event consumers abandon attempts to watch because of poor viewing quality. Further, 50% of potential stream consumers will abandon the effort if it takes five seconds or more to start the stream. Both factors can lead to significant income loss if glitches cause fans to demand refunds for high-profile pay-per-view and subscription video-on-demand events such as premium sporting contests. Additionally, complaints to customer service clog phone lines and add unnecessarily to operating costs.

The Touchstream platform monitors for live stream availability and monitors its origin and CDN endpoints giving incredible insight into the health of live streams. This monitoring is done from strategic locations across the Internet and allows video streaming providers to quickly identify and resolve streaming issues that prevent viewers from accessing the stream; or which will cause viewers to receive only low bitrate streams.

“The platform gives VSPs a clear view of dynamic channels providing the same level of monitoring and reliability as channels which operate 24/7. With multiple streams, formats and bitrates delivered across multiple CDNs to zillions of endpoints, there are innumerable points where a stream can go wrong. Our platform actively scans for those error points and proactively alerts on the early warning signs so they can be quickly resolved before affecting viewers," said Brenton Ough, co-founder and CEO of Touchstream.

Though the platform will have its market-wide debut at NAB, it is not untested. It has already been utilized by major sports networks to deliver high-value content in the U.S., Europe and South America. Major programmers which have utilized the platform include Comcast Wholesale, Discovery, Sky and Viaplay (Sweden).

Touchstream’s platform will be on display in the Telstra booth at NAB: SU6105.

About Touchstream International Pty Ltd

Touchstream’s 24x7 Proactive Live Stream Monitoring Platform is used by the world’s leading media companies and service providers to gain critical insights of their stream availability and stream performance to proactively identify and quickly resolve video streaming failures before they impact the viewer’s experience. Touchstream was recently recognized by CIO Review as one the 20 Most Promising Companies. Touchstream is Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, with offices in Barcelona Spain and New York. To learn more, visit


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